Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2017

The enthralling light…….~by Lopamudra Mishra



The enthralling light…….

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The enthralling light…….
In the still winter night,
I am surprised to see the smile of light,
slowly marching with delight,
I could inhale its fragrance,
I could touch its brightness,
I could feel its alluring embrace,
It’s all so soothing,
So captivating, so enthralling,
I couldn’t avoid my eyes constantly from staring,
The calm presence of it making me nerve stirring,
I want to have it ,just want grab it in my palms,
To keep it protected from any charms,
The virgin light has created my land divine,
My excitement knew no bounds,
Spring entered to my house,
The flowers of my pot vegetate with vagaries of color,
My heart danced and danced to mellow,
I started living and coming out from yellow,
My earth bloomed with thousand shades,
In my winter days ,this rage is a visage to drift me out from my actual stage,
I am now addicted to its sweet beverage,
I fear If I lose it , its petite sustenance, I may be in chaos throughout the year.
Lopamudra Mishra

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