Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2017

UNDYING LOVE~by Prince Ibekwe




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I make a vow to you today
in the shadow of the moon

spraying you sweet smelling
aromatic paste of love wrapped

in my spelled and enchanted lips
as the twilight voices of the spirits

looking into your soul
I see eyes of greenish
sapphire smeared in the
shrine like labyrinth of
irresistible love

your jewelled face speaks
with beauty of marbles
that glitters in the sun

your hair splattered with
diamond electrifies my being

we will drink from the golden
well of the gods under the groove
close to the shrine of my heart

I will worship at your moonstone
till heaven comes

like the goddess of the sea
will bless your feet with everlasting

will cast a spell on your turbulent
waters and still your arched breast

my heart flutters wildly in my chest
thought of losing you insanes my evening

Please don’t leave me

Ibekwe Prince Joseph ®

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