Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 11, 2017

Wandering Souls.~by Mandour Saleh Hikel



Wandering Souls.

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Wandering souls…
Never have known
When or where should they land
Never had they felt tired
‘Cause their blessings
Are dispersedly…
Yet fairly fanned
That’s why they never
Needed a rest
‘Cause they were meant to be free
Doing the best they can.
Wandering souls
Always flowing softly
And free
Like the first dawn zest.
They flow…
Into… and Out from
What so-called (BODIES)
Upon the Holy wish
Of mighty God
And they always respond
By doing their best
Do they feel sad…
When leaving a body
Have they ever depressed!!!
Do they feel happy and free
When logging into a new
Coming soul
Though they do know
It will surely suffers
And sooner…
Joins the rest.
Wandering souls
Have always been wandering…
Since the first dawn
And they still
And will always be…
While I am still WONDERING
What should I do
To follow them
Closely.., as I can
So I can feel them…
Before they come for me
Releasing a new soul
My own…
To join them…
And set own free.
By: cambridge_train
Mandour Saleh Hikel

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