Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 13, 2017

LIFE’S CYCLE~by Emmanuel Karibi Obuala




Coming away incessantly
with the wandering
winds …
to and fro,
bearing on the
wings of my heart
many grieves from
my earlier cycles
to this fluctuating sky

whose lifetime weighs
on the unstable scale
of constant flux
stuck in life’s dillemma
the tides above my
ocean’s bed …

the turbulent waves
telling a tempest from
the soul of the seas
bestirred from an
abyss of ignorance

this nature suffers
a submergence
on the shores of a
wrathful reality from
whence the gods of the
universe sips the moon’s illumination
via the fire of neptune’s

where many no more
of the constituency
spread their broken
hearts in the after life
on the day of wages.

December 11th, 2017
All rights reserved

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