Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2017

LAST NIGHT~by Emmanuel Karibi Obuala




By the window subtlely
I sat last night
With an heavy heart
My eyes on the the
Silent streets a diligent
watch man
Hoping you’d be coming
Through the pavements
But you never did

Left, and rightwards
Switching sights from
Behind the curtains
Of my heart … damply
My eyes roamed, East,
West,North and South
From within my head

Faintly from beneath
A mild eclipse, like
A shadow the moon
Shone dully upon my
Hurting heart … dejected,
The stars hid their beauty
From my sour eyes

Like a lost sheep, sad
Thoughts wandered
The streets of my mind
Aimlessly … then came
The steam stream, flowing
Down my wrinkled cheeks

Fruitful river in my eyes,
Gradually they became
As the mediterranean and
Flooded the floors of my soul

My veins stroked painfully
Every pulse felt stiffened
Like the world was frozen
Cold in my being

My heart bled with pains
Each breath felt like the sting
Of bees … o i sat underneath
A universe of hurt last night,
Drowned to stupor in sorrow.

September 13th, 2017
All rights reserved

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