Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 14, 2017

You come to my mind -~by Bijoy Bhakat



You come to my mind –

when the night gets young
when the waiting becomes too long..

when the grass gets the first rain
when the peacock meets the peahen..

you come to my heart

when evening star decorates the sky
when the flower meets with the butterfly ..

when the birds come back to nests
when the East meets the West…

You come to my memory –

when the snow covers the mountain
when the dewdrop gets the fountain…

when after the Winter comes the Spring
In the garden nightingle sings..

I get you
every time
in my dream
in nightmares ..

in my low
in my high
in my truth
in my lie..

at the night
in the day
in the road path
coastline and bay..

Bijoy Bhakat@

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