Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 16, 2017

Cruelty~by Darcy Royce




Is it so…?
when I don’t reply
to your given lie, with a lie?
my lips sealed
dormant a lot,
is it cruel that I refuse to speak up?
it’s not.

You don’t say..
I only want it my own way,
well yes,
I’ll decide what feels too hot,
is it cruel to protect one’s skin?
it’s not.

If love’s not there..
why should I beg,
if you’re austere?
if a dollop of nice
and lashings of bad,
is what I got,
is it cruel to want consistency?
it’s not.

When the sky is overcast..
you’ll find,
love is really what comes last,
silence prevails,
the heart’s a rock,
with waters grey,
feelings are muck.

So, it it cruel to clear my life,
of half truths,

To focus all my energy,
towards learning,
and teaching others
to be free?

Is it cruel to untie a knot..?
If love’s not there,
well no,
it’s not.


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