Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 16, 2017

Three Kings and a Northern Star .~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea

I snapped this picture last year of these beautiful decorations in Codsall .It inspired me to write this little ode .Merry Xmas to all



Three Kings and a Northern Star .

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Three Kings and a Northern Star .

This image upon, this bright wall , I say . Uplifting to all, as they pass that way

This Lampost shining up high , so bright . Casting light upon, this wall of white .

Several snowflakes, reflecting light . My mind uplifting, within this codsall night .

Is that bright light, not the northern star . Leading three kings, across the desert afar .

Kings with their entourage, snowflakes so white . Searching and following a new king , in sight .

Bringing gifts, for a new born baby king . Inside a manger, as the angels did sing .

This image, of beauty, Oh! What a sight . As Xmas approaches, within this Codsall, dark bright night ……

Poetry by
Copyright Written by
Patrick Kevin O’Shea

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