Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 17, 2017

Just Remember rin~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



Just Remember rin

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No fish or chips
For kidz to ask
Just batter bits
A cheeky task
Or round up to
Tek bottles back
To mek a tanner
To share a bag
Then congregate
Just ang around
Ome med banter
To rant a sound
Then hop up curbs
On ome med bikes
Two for a ride
On angle bar hikes
Just showin off
No handed steerz
Then fallin off
With laffs n cheerz
Then a race kickin off
Down our street
Around the block
With crashes n screach
Ome med trolleys
An ome med bikes
Laffin n a crashin
In bumpin strikes
Kids racin kids
Wiv occasional spats
Dogs chasin kids
Like alley way cats
Outside all day
Never going in
Kidz havin a ball
Kidz mekin a din
Gowin back
To where I’ve bin
When I waz young
Just remember rin

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Copyright Written

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