Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 17, 2017

You are in my mind~by Bijoy Bhakat



You are in my mind

You are in my mind
You are in my heart ..
How can I forget you?
How can I accept your depart?

You flow through my heart
You flow through my veins…
How can the peacock be separated
From the colorful and cheerful peahen?

You are my daytimes
You are my night
You are my full moon
you are twilight..

You are my deep ocean
You are my shore
The more I get you
I want you more..

I get you in my thought
I get you in my dream
I can’t express my love for you
as it is extreme ..

I can’t live without you
Even I can’t imagine
I have seen budding roses
But like you I have never seen.

You are my Spring
And you are my Summer
You are my Autumn
And you are my Winter..

You are my courage
And you are my vigor
You are my guide and friend
You are philosopher.

You are my dawn
And you are my morning
You are my afternoon
And you are my evening..

You are my inspiration
And you are my peace
You are my destiny
My first and last wish..

Bijoy Bhakat@

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