Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 22, 2017

If this paths are myths..~by Ravindranath Kunnath



If this paths are myths..

If this paths are myths..
How I dream
How I feel the rhytham that awake
The mystical wisdom.
How I gain the lost horizons
Blithe spirits..
Sorry dear,these relatively hollow
Words have nothing to say..
How ,I dont know,the paths melted
Into the shallow depths of twlights
That stood glorified on drawings..
Dont cry dear..
The illusonary sky mocking us..
Dont cry dear..
Dont show the tears before this
Ever thirsty humming world..
Dear look into the real world of us
From there all our romantic strains
How we regain the paths towards
The gardens
Echoes in the purest songs
That evoke the silence
To make a mirror to see
Seeing is living
Dear we are seeing in the mirror
The real silence within us
But now ,yes dear,it is the
Present moment of us
We lost the paths
The mirror had also lost
Its past glory
Dear dont run away and dream
A night of peace and hope….
The sky will not cry
It will always there for to give
New gospels of change..
Dear sleep well withyour mortal body
And awake in the sky of silence


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