Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 23, 2017

A Wreath on This Old Stable Door~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



A Wreath on This Old Stable Door

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I wish you a merry Christmas .
To each and every one .
For those that had everything .
But sadly has now gone .
For those that have somthing .
Please open your caring door
For the lost and the lonly .
The meek and the poor .
This time is now for giving .
Not just taking much more .
As I saw this Xmas wreath
Nailed on this old stable door .
Inside my old mind
It made me think of much more .
Stop all the waves of destruction
Please stop all these evil wars
Death and segregation
Close all violent doors
Peace and restoration
Across all borders ashore
A very merry Xmas .
Permanent peace we implore .
Nothing to kill or die for .
We have fought our very last war .
Some may say I’m not a realist
Within this utopian search
But we can still hope and strive for .
Peace to all mankind upon this Earth .

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