Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 25, 2017

Daily missive breaks into Christmas Day.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into Christmas Day.

It is Christmas and a Monday but I didn’t feel like writing a poem today.
Instead I thought to write a short letter to you all,
It is a special day for so many even those who might, for one reason or another find it annoying and cloyingly over sentimental. It can seem to be a time of greed and commercial excess, painful for some people who are alone, those who grieve and fear the vast expanse of empty air that surrounds them and are terrified that on days such as this they will be gobbled up by it…even so, given all of those provisos, Xmas is still special.
No other day brings so many people together in love peace and harmony, it is a time when we all, even for a few hours believe that there is a chance of a future for this world of ours.
Lonely people remember better times and for just one sweet moment can imagine they feel the touch of a lovers lips, a son’s hand, the smell of a daughter’s head, at the moment of her birth, the sound of laughter when all seemed well, the flush of cheeks at a compliment.
Please have a wonderful day and take a moment to remember those people you have loved and have shared good times with but no longer see, think about what you did that might have hurt your neighbour, friend or relative…apologise, even when you can’t remember what you might have done wish it all back…try to make it right…I want to, wholeheartedly…Forgive your trespassers, embrace your future along with your past and go forward in good heart. Hopefully next year will be better and you can look into the mirror and say…In truth, I did my best.
Happy Christmas, war is not over but I really wish it was. Best wishes Peter.

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