Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2017

A simple free,an endless search~by Dale Fittler



A simple free,an endless search

The life I live is far from complicated,it’s a simple free.
No specific place to be,walking the street,no one specific to see.
I am that free spirit with no one to tell me where I can or cannot be.
In body I do not belong to another and another does not belong to me.

But I am a single soul that has been sliced in two,wandering endlessly.
Never to find my other half to make myself complete,searching the universe through.
Even if we passed as perfect strangers,I would instantly recognise you.
Your eye would catch mine and without thought I would turn to pursue.

But I digress from my life while I keep trying to live in my dreams.
Trying to bring that little spark of light to myself,not to live on wants and needs.
I can move freely,I don’t have to wait to be controlled like a Sims.
Leaving one place for another,living my life on prayers and whims.

But there are prices to be paid for having such a freedom.
No one to make plans,no colour for the babies room to be agreed upon.
Only fleeting moments,short trists and before to long,I’m gone.
Always searching for you because the emptiness I feel just can’t be wrong.

I pass through the night without notice,just like a wraith.
The moon kisses my cheek but I always fall through the embrace.
I run you non stop through my thoughts,my mind cannot keep pace.
And when my eyes open,you were never even here,still no trace.

So through my life from day to day I am forever wandering.
Never knowing what today has in store or what tomorrow will bring.
And until I find you my heart remains empty,never to sing.
And until I find you,my life is a simple free on an endless search.

Dale Fittler

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