Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2017

CHRISTMAS, FOR LOVES SAKE~by Uguru-Okorie Joseph




Long time ago, in the Holy Bible,
Was it revealed of one who is Humble,
Though, He being God,
Chose in our form to come.

He was totally divine,
And wasn’t fit for our kind,
Cos He’s pure in heart and mind;
He’s a perfect being with no lies.

He set His heart fixed,
To reconcile us to God,
To show us love and peace,
And the curse on mankind to lift.

Today is not just any other day,
That some in their hearts may say:
We have patiently planted in the soil,
And for long, have gathered our spoil.

Let’s now go and wine,
And eat, enjoy and dine;
Dancing and shouting with our voices,
In the spirit of this blessed embrace.

And then, neglecting the reason,
For which this blessed season
Ever came into existence,
Which was for love’s sake and peace

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