Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 26, 2017

Goodbye Forever~by Dale Fittler



Goodbye Forever

Like the prisoner left to rot,who is now but a memory and bones.
Like a king who sat a 1000 years before the new in a forgotten game of thrones.
Like the forest burnt to the ground for fun,started with a single match.
You have finally made my heart stop beating and you walk away without a scratch.

Like Icarus who thought he could soar on pretend wings and wax.
Trying to hide in the jungle,defending my heart,I thought I covered my tracks.
But you were prepared with your wooden horse of troy,prepared for stabbing backs.
Like the pride of lion seeking the next meal,waiting patiently before the relentless attacks.

But I had already lost to many battles in my life to demons before I grew strong.
But you still tried to play a game of marrionettes with my heart,bad choice,just wrong.
You will now roll craps at the table,I would’ve done anything for you,anywhere I would’ve gone.
You will now only ever see a distant mirage now and one day you will miss this song.

Forever do I wish that you find what you want and need to set your soul free.
I finally saw I would never be good enough for you,nothing more than a casual joke at morning tea.
I am to blame though for being blind and dumb,I guess I just didn’t want to see.
So this is my goodbye forever to you and a forever goodbye to me.

Dale Fittler

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