Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 27, 2017

SCARRED~by Lynn Elliott




They say time will out
and time will tell
That time is now
and I see you so well

With clarity in my sight
Your true nature is reflected
How was I to know it was just a clever mask that you perfected

Your cloak of goodness has fallen to the floor
exposing your naked soul
A soul so horrid I have to avert my eyes
Revealing the refacted shards of all your lies

Shards that cut me to the bone
Cuts of betrayal and deception
You, so loyal and faithful
At least that was my perception

I’ll clense these cuts and they will heal
And everyday I’ll get stronger
I’ll remember you only by the scars I bare
Because you’ll be in my life no longer.

XO💋 Lynn Elliott

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