Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 28, 2017

Daily missive for Thursday the 28th of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 28th of December.

There is no time
For hello
Or even goodbye
Caught in the madness
As the world runs wild
Like a feral child
Hungered for love
Banished from the garden
Once cherished
Bone dog weary
Of the fight
Rushing headlong
Falling over the edge
Where dark waters flow
Into the hollow
Is there an end to it
Take me to a land
Where wild flowers grow
Let fine golden sand
Come up between my toes
Let this be a place
Nobody knows
A secret beach
Thrown down before me
A magic carpet
At the end of an orchard
Where hope grows
Ripe with fulfilment
The jasmine scent
Of tomorrow
Lifting the lid
Off a Chinese tea pot
Pour it out
It will be the cup
That runneth over
If these waters
Fulfil you
Whistle into the empty sky
It will be freshly painted
A brand new door
To the other side
Sing me a lullaby
That I might find
The key
To sing in harmony
A song of the garden
A symphony of summer
Where love grows
Among the wild flowers
We can learn
To say hello
There is no need
Of goodbye.

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