Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2017

Domestic Violence~by Anu Sharma Pande



Domestic Violence


Newly wed with blue lips ,
Ah! An encounter in bushes.

A twenty-four year old with bruises,
Ah! Just a rough night with roses.

A twenty -five year with baby smiling,
Ah! Isn’t she divine and darling.

A crying baby on floor , mother in kitchen,
Ah! feed the others first dear mother hen.

No!!, No! is not the loud word to say,
You’re just married, not on bail to pay.

Body gets used to the blues and bruise,
Eyes used to decipher the braille of muffled silence.

Baby growing as dear pet and fun,
Learning to cry only at sight of mother’s sun.

Train her to be a helper to the one,
For she grows old we’ll need another one.

Later wed her off with little or no dowry,
But make sure she fetches fat alimony.

For elder’s relatives are bit dumb,
And younger one is having none.

Twenty-eight year old eves dropping,
Received a tight slap one eye popping.

Outside she ran crying with pain ,
Bystanders vanishing as in rain.

It was just a case of a minor misunderstanding ,
An accident not domestic violence.

Family paid a visit and mother detained,
But one -year old retained, property and services could be maintained.

It is acute case of depression,
Give drugs , she feels no supression.

Returns a lady, Ah, so beautiful ,
Oh! Maybe a lover in neighbourhood.

Make sure to keep her indoors,
Looks like she needs more chores.

Days became years and passed by,
Trees around got used to the sighs.

No! again the bricks heard one day,
And was silenced with a ‘thud’ next day.

Police arrived for the inspection,
Suicide without note is suspected.

“Sir, is it a matter of domestic violence”,
“just case of accidental fall, please
no apprehension “.

“She was their old maid, kept well, gone insane.”
“Her daughter serves them now and is still sane”.

(C ) Anu

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