Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2017

Giving~by rldubour

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All by himself on a park bench

tired, hungry and cold.

With no place to call home

he sat there alone.

People passed by

never gave him a look.

Seems they all forgot

what’s in the good book.

It was Christmas Eve

the church bells did sound

people were rushing

here, there and abound.

Passing right by him

as he sat on his bench

his memories all forgone

left him feeling entrench

Then a mom and a dad

saw this poor soul

they took his hand

and let him out from the cold.

Gave him Christmas Eve dinner

and bought him new clothes.

New shoes, coat and gloves

nothing on him did froze.

Paid for a hotel room

his eyes cried from their kindness

this homeless old man

his soul filled with fondness.

He would lay down and sleep

on his freshly made bed.

Out from the cold

he would lay down his head.

Days after Christmas

a knock on their door.

They had no idea

what was in store.

This homeless old man

that they helped Christmas Eve.

Had passed in the night

there was no one to greave.

He left you a letter

that you both should read.

You are very much like him

with not one ounce of greed.

With no one around gave

a second glance

you loving couple took

a big chance.

You made my last night

to restore faith in our kind.

For this I am leaving

you both peace of mind.

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