Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 29, 2017

Where is the love?~by Ami Joshi



Where is the love?

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I walked along the river side,
Wandering through the broken alley,
Heard the weeping sound, 
The sound of a boy…

The boy,
With his wet eyes,
Looked at the sky,
Folded his hands in pain,
Kissed the sunny rays,
hugged her with his bare hands,
Prayed for his life to gain,
To gain the love…
The love,
Which is starving,
Which is missing,
Who asked,
Where am I?

Where is the love?

His tears,
Washed my smile,
And ran like a stream,
In the green…

The boy sang,
Sang about the war,
That took the light away,…
Dews fade in my eyes,
Little by little in an amber sunlight,
My joy weeps,
Louder and louder in the winter night….

Where is the love?

Soon heard a flute
Which said,
Come, let’s fly away to prison,
To the prison,
We two alone will sing like birds in the cage…

And they sang,
Where is the love?

@ Ami J

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