Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR~by Syed Md Tanveer Parvez




YEAR : 2018
New Year, New year
Happy New Year,
We are getting your upcoming
sweet fragrant here and there.
Where are you, dear?

New Year, New Year
The Unknown New Year,
Today we are all United.
Our sorrows are deleted.
Already past years have
been edited.
So,come immediately,
Don’t be late,
The whole universe is
eagerly waiting for you at
the end of the year’s date.

New Year, New Year
Lovely New Year,
Please come in a hurry
taking your lovely message.
Break forth your new package,
We are all prepared to
celebrate you,dear.
So, spreading your sweet and
fresh fragrant,
Catch and touch,
Hold and enrich
More and more.
We are all waiting for you
standing on a lovely floor.

— Syed Md.Tanveer Parvez
( 31/12/ 2017)

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