Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 31, 2017

The old caravan of gypsies~by Ravindranath Kunnath



The old caravan of gypsies

The old caravan of gypsies
Had gone for ever..
They were known as men of wisdom
They all were gone,surely,onto
to the lap of timelessness..

They wrote with soul
For us
To rise beyond the
illusionary sky .
They all are lost forever
The ashrams of them were burned
But still its ashes on air
Their sounds on air
We have no time to hear and see them
We are crying now
Withour heart..
The wheels of our chariots
are under the mud..
We are now slaves..
We have lost our voices and dawns
Of our souls..
Sticking our souls on the walls
Of narrow wisdoms
And wander for searching great
great rivers from imaginary peaks..
The gypsies of wisdom and their
Caravan had disappeared
The soil once they walked
and loved had somethig to reveal
They are kind and high as sky..
Love the sky and know its colours
Then you will see the caravan
Nothing had lost
We are here for not loosing
The war
They churned the wisdom for us
And be ready to receive
Before that break all that walls
that obstruct our paths..
They all are here for us
And within us for ever..


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