Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 1, 2018

Daily missive breaks into 2018 Monday the 1st of January.~by Peter Forster

Daily missive breaks into 2018 Monday the 1st of January.
I hope you enjoy the first poem of the year.
And I wish every one of you a healthy and prosperous New Year.


Daily missive breaks into 2018 Monday the 1st of January.

Humour is a serious matter
Not to be laughed at
Dismissed with a shrug
A roll of the eyes
When it is a blind
A cover to slip over
The exposed skin
As it blooms
With embarrassment
A salve to ease the pain
Moisturise cracked lips
Damaged by degree
Each time a smile
Is suppressed
It can be a weapon
Of choice
For the faint heart
Too afraid of goodbye
To resist
Digging their own grave
Before it is dug for them
A laconic remark
Is less than a lark
More a deal breaker
When it cuts deeper
Than needs be
Take heed of the hurt
Let it be a guide
Through hard times
A companion
To whisper reminders
When the temptation is
To run and hide
Set it free
Knowing it is not
A prisoner will help
Nurture a little
Garden in your soul
Where good humour
Can grow
Between tall stories
And morality plays
You have the seed
Just plant the thought
It will spread
Into everything you
Need it to
There will be
A rich harvest
Of laughter to gather in
Stored well
It will last
Through the lean years
Barren nights
Are not a joke
A little light relief
Can go a long way
Toward your survival
Until the sun cracks into
The yawning sky
With a smile.

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