Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 2, 2018

NOT BY CHOICE. ~by Emeka Mokeme




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This world is not what it seems
It blessed some
And cursed some
Some inherited curse 
and blessings,
Some extremely happy
Some are not
Some wealthy
While some are so poor.
Most are poor not by choice,
They were nudged out
by circumstances.
Some have abundance
but can’t take advantage
or benefit from it.
Some have riches endowed
within their families
But it’s of no use to them
For it left their abode to another.
And men wonder how this is possible
And think in their unenlightened heart
how all this can be,
without understanding
the inner principle of things.
One can deduced from
their understanding,
how dark their minds are,
out of ignorance.
But to him who has mercy
from the almighty,
such a one is graced with
the ability to obtain wealth and riches
for he is favoured,
All nature bow to him,
He does not struggle like his peers,
But then,long life eludes him,
for he cannot eat that
which he had gathered.
Unlike those in the down world,
though so poor but longevity
is bestowed upon them.
Haaa,what do you think of those so sick,
crippled, blind, bedridden and disfigured
But grace is giving them to excel,
their mind is brazenly active.
I knew such a one who is a good giver
but in so much pain all the time.
Don’t underestimate the power of the almighty.
He is gracious and full of mercy.
A respecter of no one.
He is the one who distribute
according to the way He deemed fit.
He is the great I am,
The One who knows,
Because He molded you. 

©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All rights reserved.

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