Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2018

“Decision”~by Michael Graves




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The dream does not exist, which
has not in its conception, come
coupled with challenge 
as its birth-twin.

Alike, no wish exists
that in its forming thought is void
of gauntlet thrown
to make it so.

Life concatenates
challenge to challenge.
That’s what makes it

To wake and dress, or drink
hot coffee
without spilling.

To ascend
the vertical rock face
in a live, raging
gale. Or to fall

into hopeless
riotous love, never
to be the same. Ever.

Life concatenates
that is

what makes it

The path was void before you came
win or lose
you decide which fork to walk.
And you

Who refuses this, is soaked too deep
in need to blame, his head
too thickly bound in batting
to hear the holy

and you alone decide:
poison or

The dream does not exist, which
has not in its conception come
coupled with challenge as its birth-twin.

Delight or
you decide.

–Graves 12/24/10

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