Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2018

EMOTIONS page 3 of 9~by rldubour


Envy, not to be confused with greed.

EMOTIONS page 3 of 9

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Envy, painful for resentful awareness,
not very good I see.
Why should one be envious when they
have everything they need?

Not referring to material things, it’s our
emotions I’m looking at.
If you have your health and happiness
put the envy way out back.

Don’t judge the book before you look.
this is how to be.
This word that we call envy could
be confused with greed.

If you are envious of someone please
take my advice.
Read between the lines, your life
is twice as nice.

What good is all that wealth, if there
is no happiness.
The fancy cars and great big home, he is
filled with bitterness.

As you read into this book you really
are surprised.
He is the one that’s envious as he watches you
pass him by.

Don’t let envy cloud your mind, you have
better things to do.
Remember, every man and woman put their
pants on just like you!

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