Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2018

SUBSTITUTE ME~by Lynn Elliott




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Some days I feel I’m living my life in reverse
Everyday is just another rerun
With the same old faces
It’s all been rehersed

Other times I feel like my life’s not my own
I’m outside looking in
At some imposter going through the paces again and again

I suppose it could be much worse
Not even sure where this substitute me came from
Maybe if I study her and take good notes
I’ll be ready to be me
When the time comes

Now as I stand here in the cold driving rain
I see you looking in a window at your substitute you

Now my head feels like a truck weigh station
It seems someone should get a citation
For this overload going on in my head
I watch as your lips move but I can’t hear a damn word you said

XO💋 Lynn Elliott

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