Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2018

The Woman In White~by Neil Perry



The Woman In White

The dog was barking,
The night was long,
A man was singing
A drunken song

Of what he sang of
I wasn’t sure
As the wind kept banging
The stable door,

I looked out sudden
To see a white
Person standing
In the moonlight,

The drunk stopped singing,
The dog ran off
To where I don’t know –
They had had enough

Of the apparition
With a face of gloom,
Of a smirking strangeness
As an opened tomb,

I stared in terror,
I stared in shock,
What made me look?,
Then I heard a knock

And a tap tap tapping
On the window pane,
Was I going crazy,
Had I gone insane,

I tried to shout
To the wife in bed,
But the words kept going
Around my head,

I couldn’t speak,
And I couldn’t cry,
My heart was racing
Till I thought I’d die,

The wierdest face
From a woman in white
Was staring up
From the darkest night,

Then I thought I heard
Someone in the house
With footsteps heavy,
It wasn’t a mouse,

God save my soul
I cried out loud
As the woman in white
Was standing proud

By the bedroom door
Beside the wife,
In her hand I thought
She was holding a knife,

I ran straight through her
Into the night,
Till I woke up sudden
In the morning light,

With my bedclothes on me
Down on the floor,
With a face above me
I couldn’t ignore.

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