Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 5, 2018

EMOTIONS pg 5 of 9 Loneliness,~by rldubour

My most feared of them all



EMOTIONS pg 5 of 9 Loneliness,

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Loneliness, being lonely appears the
quality of state.
Now I must confess being alone
would make my heart brake.

I pray that when our time comes that
God will take me first.
If I was left alone in life my heart
could not take the hurt.

Lonesome is the result of sadness,
being all alone.
In state of death the loneliness,
grief is clearly shown.

Words like lonelier, solitary, and desolate
sound like words from hell.
Unhappiness is drowning me as the
sadness starts to swell.

Emotions like these two, in my mind
they are the worst.
Ladies, don’t let me fool you inside I
would really hurt.

Loneliness and sadness can
quickly be unkind.
I know I must keep moving I can not
let them in my mind.

I will write a new agenda this will
help me keep them out.
I will change the way I do things,
banned them from my house.

Idle minds are the devils workshop
this is what they say.
I will change my habits and routine and keep
busy every day.

Find a friend to talk too, so we can
spend some time.
Do anything we want to do, let the tension
just unwind.

I will free my mind, no room for
loneliness in here
One last thing I have to do is
throw out all this beer!

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