Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 6, 2018

HEART’S WHISTLE (46)~by Bipul Kalita




It is not a profit and loss account
to measure the depth of love
on the dome of faith
carefully built for heart’s whistle.

Whistling along narrow conscience
lenders dig ponds of tears
to find
if thirst for liquid gold can be quenched
if their accounts can breed fears
for making borrowers bonded cowards.

Lovers care none in making love
to enjoy life’s spring
to employ nature’s mirth in their smile
feeling naturally free to be a crusader.

I worship love and capture beauty’s smile
to decorate your eyes’ flight
in its each archaic motion or emotional sight.

Let me whistle a prayer for love
pouring my heart over that of yours
to be in spring even with wintry wings

Copyright@Bipul Chandra Kalita,06/01/2018

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