Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 7, 2018

Emotions, Page 7 of 9 Affection, Kindness~by rldubour

Affection, Kindness



Emotions, Page 7 of 9 Affection, Kindness

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This word to describe an emotion, I love
the sound of it.
The best part of love and devotion it’s called

Affection comes from the heart, warm,
loving, tender and kind.
Tender attachment is fondness, just her image will
play with your mind.

Kind goes well with affection along with caring,
gentle and nice.
All of this is a reflection of how your
soul views your life.

Affection starts in the newborn, from the moment
he is laid on mom’s chest.
We learn this emotion from family, along
with all of the rest.

The emotions we feel growing up, all will
come into play.
If affection was lacking at home trouble is
heading your way.

It is never too late to show feelings, you might find
this venture quite nice.
An affectionate hug, a tenderly kiss and kindness
is well worth the price.

Affection is found all around us, we
do not have exclusive to this.
All natures creatures have feelings,
affection inside them exits.

Let’s touch a few bases on kindness, not
enough shown in our life.
Start with one act of kindness, you might
want to start with your wife.

Make this a daily commitment you will
feel much better within.
One act of kindness is priceless as you make
someone happy right then!



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