Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 8, 2018

Grief and Sorrow Emotions~by rldubour


Emotions, page 8 of 9 Grief and Sorrow

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Grief, the emotion that brings us great sadness
one I never will seek.
Especially from the death of a loved one I pray
they are finally at peace.

The sorrow I feel is intense, the anguish, the pain
the heartache immense.
Feeling helpless when I have no control to change
this current event.

Grief has brought me much sorrow in mourning a
loved one who passed.
Although I will suffer much sadness my love will
eternally last.

My faith tells me God brought you home, He
has better plans for you.
I am forced to carry this burden, while
praying I make it through.

I am troubled by loss and misfortune, the pain is
becoming too real.
I regret not saying more often, exactly
how you made me feel.

I promise I won’t drown my sorrows to forget my
life here with you.
You will be in all my tomorrows until the day when
we become two.

I will climb that stairway to heaven, while you wait on
that golden street.
Once again my arms will embrace you and feel the joy
of your kisses so sweet.

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