Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 10, 2018

Daily missive for Wednesday the 10th of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 10th of January.

Tip me a wink
Give me a little nudge
When my head drops
It is all too easy to believe
There is nobody there
Weariness descends
Falling with the speed
Of a safety curtain
Behind which I stand
Head bowed.
What lies beyond
Sometimes a laugh
A clearing of a throat
Does an audience wait
Is this my final act
A last performance
Pinned in the glare
Of an empty stage.
When the lights
Are turned down, shadows dance
What would happen
Should the spotlight be reversed
What will be found
Hidden in the corners.
If life was less complex
And simply tragic
A stranger would pass the sword.
But should I wait
Upon the completion
Of all mysterious affairs
Then perhaps a Shakespearian
End would blight more than
This life.
False endings
Come replete with paper towels
To dry the eye
Perhaps there is more
Beyond the weighted veil
If I lie befuddled
With little purpose
Other than to die
It might be a wish
Full of regret
Which would come answered
Too late
To be anything
But ill met.

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