Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 10, 2018

GRATITUDE GALORE~by Balachandran Nair




Almost all those who
Believe in God Almighty,
Clergies of various faith,
Devote time for praying,
Entour to temples, shrines
Favour poorer with cash, food.
Gain enhanced inner peace
Hail magic of God who heal
Incessant inner joy they feel.
Jasmine, rose, lotus they offer
Kneel down, implore, silently pray
Like never before each time
Meditate silently askingfor boons
Naively seek help for self, family.
Obvious, what shared with God is
Purportful return of share of HIS purvey!
Queer is the way God himself rule
Retinue of rewards strange HE shower
Sometime by way of loving wife n children,
Time again by healing all wound
Unfold wallet of peace, satisfaction
Venture Valhalla, paradise entry
Without even asking for favour.
Xerox copies of smiling faces he spread
YOU knew it well in advance, Sir,
Zygo feeling n friendship you
…brought out in helping a pilgrim.

I dedicate it to my
dear fb friend
Sri. VM Radhakrishnan.


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