Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 11, 2018

THE UNBOWING THEY~by Humphrey Angweye


Loner thoughts,

(Free verse)


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Come out! We say,
Like angry skies they blutter,
Worryingly to deaf walls,
Behind which, like prisoners two lovers reside.

Soothing were the days,
Like the morning rays appealing to they’s endevaours,
She past-he had walked,
Suggestively on every dawn,
With thought by she he could be,
When dusk over shine decided it’s sheets to spread,
But wait,she was an intended bride!

Thou frequently his beard he scratched,
The itch into her to fade was by moment not withheld,
Efforts and prayers still despite,
The ice in the heat unwillingly chose to melt,
And slowly into her sank,like baited nets to the depths of sea,
But wait,she was an intended bride!

“let me for you my waving hand raise,
In the winds when we awake,
By you let me walk, through lands and for lands,
Holding yee I beg ,by your waist to say,
For time and time again , Shaky are my hands,
And on it they say, their cure resides.”

Delicate were the words,
That to she he said,
For time had he on she bond,
And this thought,
That by they lived,
Was each moment spat at by them,

The sun the moon knows not,
Yet atwin in the skies they hang,
Why then would cravers like they ,
Who have hearts that daily pound,
Side from doing thus?

Love by them had been stirred,
Marriage would wait,
For the bride her love wouldn’t leave,
For an empty dish to lick,
Like priests they had vowed,
To have and be done,
With this demon that they mothered,
Fathered them not sidelined called tradition,

She like he would shout,
Mourn if they willed,
But the temple they wouldn’t just leave,
No,not until they I do said,
And the priest over they,
Angelic traditions performed,
To have they out walk,
As husband and wife to their rogue tradition sick folks,

Love had they struck,
And symptoms they bore;
Their hearts called,
Their eyes it saw,
Their hands touched,
Their skin felt,
The ears it heard,
That’s all that mattered,
Yes they were fools,two desirable fools of love.

( Worldwide forcefully planned marriages ruin lives.Marriage doesn’t at all befit the ascribed status ,it should be an acquired one .
Class is just a name india,yes, a name that love knows not)

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