Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 12, 2018

Daily missive for Friday the 12th of January.~by Peter Forster‎



Daily missive for Friday the 12th of January.

Clean me up
Put me back together
Find the little pieces
The extra ones
With awkward corners
That skitter away
To gather dust
Lost in shadow
Until they are brushed
Beneath the carpet
Be careful where you tread
Feelings can be
Trampled under foot
So easily
They have soft centres
Under pressure
A little thought
Can be found wanting
All on its own
Waiting for a string
Of ideas to come along
To shed some light
On its sad predicament
Ease me up
With gentle words
Let them smooth
Away the rough edges
As broken joints click
Painfully into place
Transform me
Make what you will
There is no motivation
To resist
At its heart
The bleeding soul
Is rending
For need of mending
Perhaps the truth
Is in the reveal
When all that is hidden
Is open to persuasion
Feather me
Lightly in the fall
Find the pieces
Each and every one
The essence of life
Is in their accumulation
With every facet
Of equal value
Add me up
I am worth more than the sum
Of all my working parts

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