Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 12, 2018

The Saga of Konark…. ~by Swapna Behera



The Saga of Konark….
Swapna Behera

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The majestic spine of time
the paramount temple
On the shore of Chandrabhaga
Peeping to the arcane sky
The fostered skill of twelve hundred artisans
Ardent magic of their lost youth and visions

The fragrant perfume of their sweats
The salty tears of their wives
Transferred stones into an epic
The liberated soulful cadence
The euphoria of their bloody fingers
Aah! their stooping bones
Their onerous fingers beating the anvils
The crinkles on their faces
The sublime structures
the images on the stones
The mammoth monolithic structures
Of elephants men, lion or erotica
The oscillating eye pupils of those artists
Like the pendulum of time
Somewhere whispers
the vintage history
The aftermath of long twelve years
The poking passions
The fiery fire of their damsels, their oily hair
far off in the villages garlanding
the cuddles of nights
Murmuring water
Witnessing the miracle
The provoking psychic
Flickering primeval
Heartbeats synchronising anvils
condense the abstract mystic figures
Thou art glued on the wheel of time
Rain and wintry sleepless nights
The twelve stone wheels
Pulled by seven horses
Oh ! the monarch of time
The epitome of Kalinga architecture
humbly bent towards the East
To receive the first sun ray of the dawn
The profiles of Sun promises;
The healer of all impurities
The proximity of promises
The tinkling tricks
made you so grandeur
the dazzling saffron sun
the blisters axiom
singing the saga of time
in the horizon
as a conjuror stands the Konark ;
the scathe penetrates the soul
astounding odyssey of time
dances the Black Pagoda, the luminous
reflection of all time zones
the aura of episodes on the sand …………..

Published in my book Beyond The Galaxy

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