Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 13, 2018

I love people watching…~by Liz Gillespie



I love people watching…

Watching the world go by

Sitting in my corner watching the world go by
Across the room I see a girl waiting for her guy
She checks her watch repeatedly and then she checks the door
Her face is saying she’ll wait for him she’s done this all before

Sitting in my corner here I am happy to be alone
There is a family eating together all staring at their phones
Perhaps I am not alone as each one in that group
I ponder that for a moment and continue to drink my soup

Sitting in my corner I see the one who’s here every day
He stays for a couple of hours or so and then he heads off on his way
He reads a discarded newspaper that someone’s left behind
A waiter stops and chats a while and I think that’s really kind

Sitting in my corner I look around this busy place
A little girl stares at me she has ketchup on her face
She smiles and then she runs away to hide behind her mom
Her mother hadn’t even noticed the time that she’d been gone

Sitting in my corner watching people passing by
The girl still sitting patiently will she ever meet her guy
The waiter stops to clear away a newspaper he’d left before
The family still all on their phones expertly navigate the door

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