Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 15, 2018

Faith Renewed~by Dale Fittler



Faith Renewed

All it takes is one simple gesture,one simple glance.
All it took was a simple brush of the hand and a simple second glance.
A simple excuse me and when you smiled you put me in a trance.
A simple reply and I repeated your smile,like a little dance.

Your auburn red hair simply ran down your shoulders and back.
Your glasses simply enhanced your eyes of brown near black.
And the sweetness of your voice simply made my body go slack.
Your were simply all I could focus on,not daring to turn my back.

My meeting you was pure luck,simply the right spot and time was right.
You have simply captured my heart,you are my only thought,day through night.
The pieces of my puzzle simply seem to be falling in place,nice and tight.
The more I get to know you,simply puts a future for us in sight.

I feel that I have to keep pinching myself,simply making sure this is no dream.
You are a beauty simply constantly leaving me without breath it would seem.
The way you touch my skin,simply leaves me weightless in a world serene.
And the way you state into my eyes makes the feelings between us simply scream.

Every minute that we spend together is simply a blessing with no disguise.
Meeting you was simply every Christmas at once and you my greatest surprise.
As I was about to simply give up on love,to live content as just a third prize.
You have awoken hope with a Faith Renewed,simply you have added love to my life.

Dale Fittler

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