Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 15, 2018

Follow that White Settlers~by Patrick Kevin O’Shea



Follow that White Settlers

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“Comanche”, “The sioux” and so many more . Indian tribes roaming so free shore to shore .

Across North America’s vast open plains . Following Nature , these tribes within free reign .

Lived there for centuries,
without major fears . Feeding of nature , for thirty thousand years .

Following buffalo across wide open plains .
Spasmodicly taking , a few now and again .

Using their horns , to make basic tools . Keeping the herds up , they were no fools

Using their skins, to make clothes and tents . Easy to move , to where buffalo frequent .

Then white man came, at first giving gifts .Introducing firecrackers and horses that shift .

American settlers agreeing land sharing treaties . Crossing indian land, for gold nugget sweeties .

American government , false promise and lies . Building railroads , and black oil in the skies .

Retaliation , from Spasmodic Indian attacks . Causing the government to back track with flak .

Slaughter the buffalo, the Indian food chain . From 30 million to just hundreds across the plains .

Forcing the Indians, to retract to reservation . Apart from some, from that great civilisation .

Custer to advance, to wipe out the last few . Turned out to be his last stance, his last cue .

Government retaliated the, last massacre to be . Women n children murdered, at wounded knee .

A complete civilisation, to exist and no more . Never to roam free, north south, shore to shore .

Feeding from nature, for thirty thousand years .
Follow that white settlers, without major fears .

Poetry by
Copyright Written by Patrick Kevin O’Shea

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