Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 17, 2018

Mrs Livingstone~by Prince Ibekwe



Mrs Livingstone

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she died many years ago
amidst tears and wailings
and left a crawling lad to lick 
her grave

before Mrs Livingstone left
this sunny earth she was
known as the lady of the evening
as she would clad herself in a show-
me – all garb thereby unleashing lust
and puppy love into the air blinding
young and old men alike to seek solace
in her hellish lair

her cocoon were made of cleavages, titties,
butts and twats, they were very appealing
to the eyes yet fiendish and beastly

falling into her web was like listening to a
concupiscent music, enjoying its rhythm yet
becoming aroused and sick inside

she could be compared to the rainbow like
octopus with jazzy lips and affection yet lethal
and virulent

after Mrs Livingstone’s interment, rodents and
gnawes seeked solace in her creaky flesh and
bones, months after, she became one with the
grunge of the earth although her attire and blink
blink remained in the golden casket

years after, her son grew into a handsome chap
and became the cynosure of all eyes, with staidly
love she irrupts from the tomb forgetting that she
has become one with the leaves and trees of the ground

apparently she reaches for her son with her shade
of greenish sapphire only to get wind of reality that
she is now a tree

photo credit :Thymo Kingin

Ibekwe ®


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