Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 17, 2018

YOU AND ME FOREVER~by Katie Tyrell



(A poem)

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I live in you forever,
Distance and miles apart don’t matter,
Hopes for our dreams to come true,
To meet and cross oceans soon.

Our ways don’t match,
But that’s why we are so attached,
Opposite sides do attract,
That’s how I see things I watch.

I won’t disturb you if you start the walk,
Listening to your footsteps,
Sending teardrops of Blessings,
As our love has imposed me with so much pain.

That’s how my life became blessed,
When you enter my heart, soul and flesh,
What would you prefer when it rains?
To look for a star or a colourful saint?

Within me I sailed with you in a joy,
I took risk and entered flames in your soul,
I set you on my breath each day,
So you become my life in every beat.

You are mine forever,
Even when we separated,
No one can take your place,
In my heart, my soul and my thoughts.

Ask me as many questions as you can,
As it won’t change my mind,
Of guarding and holding your heart,
I’m sorry beloved It’s my pleasure.

My heart aches for you,
My eyes cry for you,
My senses long for you,
I feel numb without you,
My soul thirst for you,
Please tell me what to do!!

@K.T.M 2018
All rights reserved.

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