Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 18, 2018

CLOSE WATCH~by Balachandran Nair




A close watch to my heart
Revealed two things:
One, SHE was sat there
Other, myself was missing!
Wanting to find me
I sought help from God.
“See, my sanctity someone stole,
So I’m helpless” the God say.
I went to ancestors who say
“Our blessings someone stole,
we too are helpless”
My brilliant colors stolen,
I’m helpless, the Sun say
My coolness was stolen
I’m helpless the Moon say.
My voice, music was stolen
I’m helpless, ocean say
Our heartbeat stolen
We are helpless stars say
Our wisdom stolen
We’re helpless, spirits say
My virtues stolen
I’m helpless, the sky say
My whole beauty is stolen
I’m entirely helpless, nature say.
Thus lost hope of finding me
I slowly recluse to my heart
Already there, SHE was smiling
Closely watching her smile
Now I understand, wow!
It was SHE who stole
All those valuable things
And now stealthily hiding
Inside my heart, smiling!!


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