Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 18, 2018

Daily missive for Thursday the 18th of January.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 18th of January.

A slave to gravity
Everything weighted 
Predicated on the finesse
Of balance
Tip it and see me fly
Float on a thermal
Commune with an eagle
Fly on a murmur
Whispered by starlings
A silence of acrobats
It is a wearisome
An ache of goodbye
A drain of lifeblood
Forever charged
With carrying
All hope
Through an eternal fire
It boils with the indignity
Of damnation
For no good reason
Other than it
Is of this earth and every
Known substantive mass
A prisoner
Without conscience
Every single grain
In a sandstorm
The irritant in the
Corner of the mind’s eye
A washed out reminder
In a fresh flow
Of salted tears
Falling as all things do
Into an abyss
Of unbroken laws
Endless waves
Un-mellowed by time
Caught up
In virtual equilibrium
Gravitational draw strings
Binding all things together
In difference
Interrelated and
Intricately connected
In a dance of mutual
Improvise with little effect
There is a sweetness
In perfection
It is an apple
Ripe enough to eat
Watch it fall
As it most surely will
It was ever thus
And will be still.

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