Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 20, 2018

Footprint in time,~by Leah Shean



Footprint in time,

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Footprint in time, we are leaving our mark
On this world.
The daily struggle to survive as a boy or girl.
Wanting that showroom home,
That shiny car, soon we will have no place to go.
Enjoy mother nature at her finest.
Soon it will be all concrete jungles and polluted messiest.
Oil giants pulling the black core from the earth.
Chopping down rainforest to make way for homes and turf.
Aboriginals might of had it right
All the cared about was mother nature’s plight.
But i do love my home and technology
It has brought me entainment and sociology.
One day we will find the right balance.
I just hope it not to late undo the malice.

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