Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 20, 2018

She Is My Love.~by Mohinderdeep Grewal



She Is My Love.

I love mother, who is my Love
The Nature, the Earth
The Earth, who mothers 
When seed is put in wet warm soil
It sprouts out to be a tree like existence
As she feeds from her breasts
To make plant =strong at roots
To grow higher and higher towards sky.
To branch out and flower.

Similarly as Mother Earth
My mother gave me birth
Raised me by feeding though her blood
Raised me by providing me all I needed
Water, air and food
Without discrimination
She made me walk,talk and stand with head high.
She giggled with me while cuddling
In love she hugged and pressed me to her heart..

She smiles to see me smile
She laughs with me when I am happy and at ease.
She cries with me when I cry with pain
She wraps me in her folds when she feels insecure.

I love her for all she has done as mother
I love her as she taught me to love, care and serve.
She loves me as her child of Nature.
I love her as Mother Earth
She loves me too as her love is unending, everlasting
And we will be loving each other till eternity .
(c) Mohinderdeep Grewal.


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