Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 20, 2018

Time floats by ~ by Leah Shean



Time floats by

Time floats by with no beginning or end
Where on this timeline, is it pretend
Don’t worry about time wasted
Your mark on earth is always pasted
Into the fabric of this place
No matter how small or what race
You choose to run
Live a little have fun
But don’t hurt the earth
You don’t know what she worth
Without her we have no food
And that special effect she has on our moods
Time goes on but things are changing
She cannot support our constant raging
Recycle reuse and regenerate
Our governments try to delegate
But she has the final say
If we live to see another day
Time will go on, on another plain
Just don’t wreck this earth
It might be the only one we’re given birth

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