Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 21, 2018

Blue Gypsy Rose~by Fred Tunks‎



Blue Gypsy Rose

Image may contain: plant and flower

Dancing along the waters edge
At the foot of the Mystical Falls
Glistening brightly in the morning sun
Beautiful Blue Gypsy Rose

She must have rode in a moonbeem
Hitched a ride on a falling star
Bathed inside fountains of glory
Somewhere along the way
Some people even say
She’s Aphrodites daughter
But nobody truly knows
Just from where or from
Whence she came
Beautiful Blue Gypsy Rose

Down at the edge of the water
At the foot of the Mystical Falls
I hear her calling my name
So pacified by the melody
I can’t even remember the same
Singing and Swaying and weaving
Her way into the depths of my mind
For reasons God alone only knows
I find myself so fallen in love
Beautiful Blue Gypsy Rose


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