Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 21, 2018

HORRORS OF THE NIGHT~by Emmanuel Karibi Obuala




Horrors of the night, are
the uninvited guests
from the underworld
armed to the tooth
visiting our homes
in the peak of the
night, with might
and coersion to
make away with
our labours …
coersive beggars
with means and
valour to cart away
our treasures, our
lives inclusive

Horrors of the night, are
our over zealous youths
roaming the streets
destructively …
knights of the night
with manifestoes of
the able bodied folks
convoked in the heart
of the night, with a
collective goal of
common evil,
perverse folks after
the darkness of the

Horrors of the night, are
our bald heads confederated
in the bossom of occultism
‘ambassadors’ of the devil’s
fetish folks priced out of
no virtuous than the indigenes
of the underworld
maiming our souls … men
by day, but demons at night
soughting the ruin of the
innocent asleep

Horrors of the night, are
the valiant vigilantes
safeguarding the streets
and highways, robbing,
raping and sending us
to untimely graves
the ghouls without
conscience nor remorse
commissioned to dismiss
our lives

Horrors of the night, are
the broadly built men
mandated to kidnap
and maim us
the rabid predators
with magnetic hands
for fetish ends lurking
in the shadow of the
night to hunt us down

Horrors of the night, are
the godly men, offering
human sacrifices to
ferocious gods thirsty for
human bloody
the religious folks, for wealth
and might desperate … bargaining
away the lives of the innocent
in alters of ritual massacre
the astral folks soaring above
our rooftops

Horrors of the night, are
the citizens of hell let
loose from the under realm
to roam our universe
lurking for plunder of souls
the malicious folks holding evil
conferences against mankind.

October 11th, 2017
All rights reserved

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